Terms and Conditions


Terms Overview

The Boeing Company has numerous contracts that suppliers must abide by in order to do business with the company. The following sections provide examples of our standard terms for our various divisions.

Enterprise Provisions

Boeing Research & Technology Terms and Conditions

International Terms and Conditions


Suppliers must comply with Boeing policies and procedures when doing business with Boeing Defence Australia Ltd (BDA) or Boeing Australia Holdings Pty Ltd (BAH). Suppliers are responsible for reading and complying with the documents available from this webpage.

Contact Information

Suppliers wishing to be considered for future business opportunities should first review Purchase Order Terms and Conditions before requesting via email to have your information forwarded to the correct member of the Supply Chain Management team.

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

All goods and services supplied to BDA or BAH are required to be supplied in accordance with standard Purchase Order Terms and Conditions unless a separate overriding written contract has been executed.

Policies, Procedures, Standards and Codes

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