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Archived BDS Terms and Conditions Prior to 3/1/2004

The Supplier Management & Procurement organization of Boeing Defense, Space and Security (BDS) has created this site as a single repository of terms and conditions which apply to new procurements. Suppliers are advised to confirm that they are using the clauses in effect as of the date of their purchase contracts, or the versions otherwise stated therein.

Questions regarding the clauses contained in your contract should always be directed to your Boeing Procurement Agent.

Section Title Clauses Numbered:
G General Provisions GP1 through GP4
Q Quality Assurance Clauses  
S Special Provisions SP1 through SP3
1 Solicitation Clauses 1000 through 1999
2 Special Technical Clauses 2000 through 2999
3 Administrative Clauses 3000 through 3999
4 Additional General Terms and Conditions 4000 through 4999
5 Government Contract Requirements 5000 through 5999
Page last revised: 10/01/02

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