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Downloading the Boeing Certificate Authority Certificates

The certificates below represent the Boeing Certificate Authorities (CA) that issued the Boeing personal certificates you can load from the LDAP Proxy Web Interface. These CA certificates are loaded into your web browser or email client program and are used to authenticate the Boeing personal certificates you collect to use in email encryption. Some email clients will not allow you to load user certificates until you have loaded the issuing CA certificates.

To view the CA certificates you currently have loaded, try the following:
  • Firefox and Thunderbird
    Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Certificates -> Manage Certificates -> Authorities
  • Mozilla Communicator
    Edit -> Preferences -> Privacy & Security -> Certificates -> Manage Certificates -> Authorities
  • Internet Explorer
    Tools -> Internet Options -> Content -> Certificates -> Trusted Root Certification Authorities
    Tools -> Internet Options -> Content -> Certificates -> Intermediate Certification Authorities

Use your web browser to save the CA certificates to your local disk and use the client program's "import" facility to load the certificates into the client's certificate database.

The Boeing CA certificates are available in several different formats below in case your browser or email client is unable to handle certain formats.

CA Certificate Data Format
PKCS7 cut-and-paste DER
The Boeing Company Root CA download download download
The Boeing Company Class 2 CA download download download
Secure Messaging CA download download download
Secure Mail CA download download download
All Boeing CA certificates download    

For more information about email encryption at Boeing and the use of the LDAP Proxy, see the LDAP Proxy Service page.

The LDAP Proxy source code is available for download from SourceForge.net.

Contact: Boeing LDAP Proxy Team


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