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Sending Encrypted Email
This page is intended to provide a way for you to download certificates that will allow you to send encrypted email. This page cannot be used to compose and send encrypted email. Your email program can use these certificates for encryption if it supports the S/MIME Internet standard. Certificates are retrieved using the open source Boeing LDAP Proxy.
Specify the complete email address of the person you wish to send encrypted email to. Then select the method you wish to use to load the certificate(s) into your email program or PKI Enabled utility. If you select one of the listed email programs, the certificate(s) will be automatically loaded. If you select one to the other download options, you can save the certificate(s) and import them into your program. Click the links to the help files to learn more about how to use your email program with these certificates.

Email address:

(Enter complete email address - No wildcard characters)

Email Encryption Certificates From:

Boeing Issued Certificates (Class 2)
U.S. DoD Approved Certificates (.mil addresses)

Select How to Load Certificates:

Load into Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express   help?
Load into Mozilla Communicator, Firefox, or Thunderbird   help?
Load certificate(s) into Entrust Address Book   help?
Cut-and-Paste Certificate(s) Into Any PKI Utility   help?
Output certificate(s) in PKCS7 format (.p7b suffix)   help?
Output certificate(s) in vCard 2.1 format   help?
Output certificate in binary format   help?
Download Boeing Email Certificate Authority Certificates and Certificate Revocation Lists

For more information about email encryption at Boeing and the use of the LDAP Proxy, see the LDAP Proxy Service page.

The LDAP Proxy source code is available for download from SourceForge.net.

Contact: Boeing LDAP Proxy Team


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