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Section D - Material
Clause Title Effective Date Comments
D000 Buyer Furnished Material -- Damaged in Transit 03/01/2004  
D001 Buyer Furnished Material (Variable) 12/05/2017
D002 List of Buyer Furnished Material (Variable) 03/01/2004  
D003 Buyer Furnished Items 03/01/2004  
D004C Certificate of Disposition of Excess Buyer-Furnished Material (Variable) 05/10/2005  
D005L Buyer Furnished Material (PER C.I.S.S.) 10/08/2004  
D006L Buyer Furnished Material (PER F.O.) 10/08/2004  
D007L Buyer and Seller to Furnish Material (PER C.I.S.S.) 10/08/2004  
D008L Seller to Furnish Material (PER C.I.S.S.) 10/08/2004  
D009L Seller Furnished Material 10/08/2004  
D010M Buyer Furnished Items 06/09/2005  
D011 Consignment of Raw Material to Subcontractors (Variable) 10/21/2005  
D011M Consignment of Raw Material to Subcontractors (Variable) 06/09/2005 See D011
D012L Materials Furnished 06/07/2005  
D013 Authorization for Procurement of Material and Fabrication 12/15/2008  
D013L Authorization For Procurement of Material and Fabrication 05/01/2006
D014S Seller's Effort in Advance of Lead Time (Variable) 10/16/2005  
D015S Material Furnished To Seller 03/03/2006
Not for incorporation into contracts issued after 9/22/2006.
D016S Material Furnished To Seller (Variable) 08/24/2006  
D100 Unverified/Invalid Rejection Returns 03/01/2004  
D101 Supplier Disclosure 03/25/2014
D102 Supplier Disclosure 11/15/2013  
D200 Scrap Allowance 12/15/2006  
D200L Scrap Allowance 10/08/2004  
D200P Responsibility For Obsolescent Parts 11/29/2004
D201P OVO Revision Level 11/29/2004
D202L Loss Allowance 06/07/2005  
D203L Buyer Furnished Material Scrap Allowance 06/07/2005  
D204 Buyer Furnished Material (BFM) Titanium Revert/Scrap 05/01/2006  
D300L Acquisition and Use of Non-Domestic Specialty Metals 10/08/2004  
D301L Acquisition and Use of Foreign Metallic Raw Material (For Industry and Government Specifications) 10/18/2011
D302 Specialty Metals Requirement 09/25/2007  
D400 Label per OSHA or CGA 03/01/2004  
D401 Hazardous Material - Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) 08/06/2013
D401S Hazardous Material - Material Safety Data Sheets 10/21/2005
D402 Environmental Protection - Hazardous Waste Disposal 03/01/2004  
D403 Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Materials 03/01/2004  
D404 Explosives 08/05/2014
D405 Polychlorinated Biphenyls 03/01/2004  
D406 Compressed Gas (Pressure Vessels) and Cryogenic Liquids 03/01/2004  
D407 EELV/Delta IV Environmental and Hazardous Materials Requirements 03/01/2004  
D408 Safety Requirements 04/06/2004
D408S Safety Requirements Deleted See D408
D409W Supplier Review Of Material Safety Data Sheets 04/01/2004  
D410W Lead 04/01/2004  
D411V Shipping Hazardous Materials 09/30/2004  
D412M Hazardous Material -- OSHA 09/01/2005
D413M Hazardous Material - OSHA 09/01/2005  
D414M Liquid/Solid Pyrotechnic Material 06/09/2005  
D415M Safety, Health and Environmental Affairs (SHEA) Requirements For On-Site Providers 01/29/2013
D415H Safety, Health and Environmental Affairs (SHEA) Requirements For On-Site Providers 11/23/2005  
D415V Enviromnent, Health and Safety 01/29/2013
D416L S.C.A.Q.M.D. Rules and Regulations 06/07/2005  
D417S Supplier Furnished Pyrotechnic Information 09/01/2005  
D418 Explosives - Buyer's Intended Use and Employer Identification Number (Variable) 10/31/2017  
D419 Buyer Radiation Safety Officer (Variable) 10/31/2017  
D420 Transportation of Explosives 10/31/2017  
D421 Explosives - License to Purchase (State of Washington) (Variable) 10/31/2017  
D500 Source of Suppliers 03/01/2004  
D501S Blueprint/E.O. (Variable) 04/01/2004  
D502S Data Transmittal 05/15/2012
D503 Repair/Overhaul Specifications
Repair Tests
09/01/2005 07/22/2005  
D503S Repair Tests Deleted See D503
D504 Approval of Changes 07/22/2005  
D504S Approval of Changes Deleted See D504
D505 Material Estimating Requirement 07/22/2005  
D505S Material Estimating Requirement Deleted See D505
D506S Seller Verification 04/01/2004  
D507S NDT Procedure 10/09/2012
D508 Copy of Drawings 07/22/2005  
D508S Copy of Drawings Deleted See D508
D509L Douglas Process Standards (DPS)
Douglas Material Specifications (DMS)
D509S Fabrication Instructions 08/11/2004  
D510M Material Processes 06/09/2005  
D511 Specification Responsibility 10/21/2005 06/09/2005  
D512M Seller Responsibilities -- Specifications 06/09/2005  
D512S 30M Supplement Requirements 04/26/2010  
D513L Buyer Furnished Substitute Material (Per Blueprint) 06/07/2005  
D514M Purchase Contract Changes 07/22/2005  
D515S Fabrication Instructions 09/01/2005  
D516S List of Material Specification Reference -- (Variable) 09/01/2005  
D517S Protection of Parts PER P.S. 12300 10/16/2005  
D518S F-18 MRG and PS Documents 10/16/2005  
D519S Process and Material Specifications 05/07/2013  
D520 Process Standards/Specifications Supersession List, Authorized Equivalent Parts List, Approved Material Substitution List, and Change Notification - Huntington Beach Part Numbers 1Gxxxxx, 4Gxxxxx 11/15/2013  
D600 Shipping Tolerances Deleted  
D601M Nonstandard Parts 06/09/2005  
D602 (NM) Diminishing Manufacturing Sources (DMS) 12/15/2008  
D602M Diminishing Manufacturing Sources (DMS) 06/09/2005 Obsolete - See D602
D603S Seller Responsibility For Work Order Completion 10/21/2005
D604 Raw Material Risk Mitigation 02/20/2018
D605E Prohibited Materials 04/26/2010  
D606M OBSOLESCENCE 05/29/2012  
D607 Material Substitution Prohibition 11/15/2013  

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