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Solvent Cleaning
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List of Specifications with Solvent References
Subject: Process Specifications with Solvent Callouts

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Description of Problem:
Environmental regulations in many areas require use of low vapor pressure solvents.

This page is designed to provide a list of specifications which have been revised to include low vapor pressure solvents. Many of the specifications no longer call out specific solvents. Instead, they now refer to BAC5750. See the materials control section (section 5) of your specification. Contact the manufacturer for vapor pressure information. Confirm that the vapor pressure is low enough to meet your regulations.

Manufacturing Information:
The following specifications were revised to include low vapor pressure solvents.

Specification Title
BAC 5000 Sealing, General
BAC 5008 Application of Lubricants
BAC 5010 Application of Adhesives
BAC 5056 Fabrication of Flame Sprayed Aluminum Coatings for Structural Plastic Parts
BAC 5085 Installation of Mechanically Attached and Adhesive Bonded Inserts in Sandwich Panels
BAC 5108 Installation and Sealing of Electrical Seal Fittings
BAC 5162 Assembly of Electric Connections
BAC 5308 Application of Stencil and Insignia Markings
BAC 5319 Application of Decorative Surfaces to Interior Panels
BAC 5322 Application of Decorative Surfaces to Interior Panels
BAC 5331 Manufacture of nonstructural Airducts, laminates and Sandwich Constructions using Fabric Reinforced Thermosetting Resins
BAC 5332 Installation of Moldable Plastic Shims
BAC 5337 Application of Non-Structural Wet Lay-up Plies to Composite Panels
BAC5412 Insulating and Joining Air Ducts
BAC 5432 Casting and Potting with Resins
BAC 5434 Rigid Urethane Foam-In-Place Plastics
BAC 5481 Processing of Fluoropolymers
BAC 5503 Sealing Sandwich Assemblies
BAC 5504 Integral Fuel Tank Structure Sealing
BAC 5505 Window Installation
BAC 5506 Installation of Elastomeric Seals
BAC 5514 Common Bonding Requirements for Structural Adhesives
BAC 5514 Common Bonding Requirements for Structural Adhesives
BAC 5516 Window Silicone Seal Molding and Aerosmoothing
BAC 5524 Manufacture of Glass/Epoxy Laminates and Sandwich Panels Using 260 F Cure
BAC 5527 Application of Secondary Fuel Barrier
BAC 5530 Fairing Compound Application
BAC 5532 Manufacture of Polyimide Structural Laminates & Honeycomb Sandwich
BAC 5550 Potting of Electric Connectors
BAC 5556 Mfg of low temp cured epoxy structural parts, vacuum bag process
BAC 5571 Rivet -- bonding with structural adhesives
BAC 5572 Nonstructural Interior Nomex Honey Comb Core Sandwich panels and Laminates Using Kevlar-49 Fabric Prepreg
BAC 5578 Manufacture of Advanced Composite Primary Structure, 350 F Cure
BAC 5583 Process for Potting Inserts and Edges into Sandwich Panels
BAC 5584 Installation of Hot Melt Adhesive Bonded Studs and Inserts
BAC 5705 Application of Floor Covering Materials
BAC 5710 Application of Special Purpose Coatings
BAC 5719 Chemical Conversion Coatings for Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys
BAC 5736 Application of Chemical Resistant and Solvent Resistant Finishes
BAC 5750 Solvent Cleaning
BAC 5753 Cleaning, Descaling, and Surface Preparation of Titanium and Titanium Alloys
BAC 5793 Application of Corrosion Resistant Finish for Integral Fuel Tanks
BAC 5801 Application of Pressure Sensitive Tape
BAC 5802 Photochemical Blanking, Milling and Engraving
BAC 5837 Preparing Exterior Plastic Surfaces for Paint
BAC 5845 Application of Polyurethane Enamel
BAC 5881 Application of Gold Coating to Titanium and Corrosion Resistant Alloys
BAC 5892 Application of Insulative Coating Systems
D6-1816 Process Document for Decorative Finishing of Airplane Exteriors
D6-44879 Engineering Requirements for Bonding Honeycomb Sandwich Assemblies
D6-48758 Structural Repair Bonding
D6-53900 Repair Procedures for Composite Structures

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