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Boeing and the Environment: The value of supplier collaboration
As a global aerospace leader, The Boeing Company recognizes its responsibility to build a sustainable future for its communities, employees, customers and investors. Boeing is committed to operating in a manner that promotes environmental stewardship.
Boeing has a long record of improving the environmental performance of our products and our own manufacturing processes. Boeing’s life-cycle view seeks improvements through all stages of our product’s life – beginning with our suppliers, through in-service use, all the way to end-of-life recycling or recovery.
In working with suppliers, we’ve recognized that there is great opportunity to go beyond current information-sharing activities. We are therefore developing a more systematic program of collaboration and engagement between Boeing and its suppliers in the area of environmental practices.

As a frequent sponsor and participant in many industry forums, Boeing encourages the sharing of ideas and actions that help the environment.  Now watch for Boeing to increase these efforts in two ways:

1. Expanding targeted collaboration on high-priority improvement issues with selected suppliers, and
2. Providing new forums to enhance broader general sharing of ideas and advanced practices among supply chain participants.
  Supplementing the collaborative sharing of solutions among Boeing and its supplier network, Boeing will work to reinforce the alignment of suppliers’ activities with Boeing’s strategic environmental direction. Far from a one-size-fits-all approach, Boeing will use supplier data and supply-base analysis to shape a program that is adaptable to the diversity inherent in our global supply base. Two primary facets of this strategy will focus on:
1. Applying more explicit environmental definition in setting contract requirements and provisions, and
2. Expanded use of environmental criteria in evaluating and selecting supplier partners.
  Boeing continues to hold, as a basic expectation, that our suppliers will conduct their business in a responsible way, in accord with the laws, regulations and industry practices that govern them.  But we are going a step further as we invite our suppliers to join us on our journey to develop and share better practices for an ever-shrinking environmental footprint.


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