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Model Based Engineering (MBE) Supplier Integration

MBE Data and Process Standards

Data standards facilitate interoperability and connecting the digital thread. These standards support the specific needs of the digital products that comprise the MBE diamond.

The assessment has a focus on capabilities in domains of interest including:

    ReqIF: “Requirements Interchange Format” is a data exchange standard for product requirements. ReqIF also defines a workflow for transmitting the status of requirements between OEMs, Partners, and Suppliers. Learn more at
    SysML: “Systems Modeling Language” is a modeling standard for the product architecture, and provides an authoring environment for requirements, functional diagrams, analysis models, and logical system designs. Learn more at
    AP243: “For Modelling And Simulation Information In A Collaborative Systems Engineering Context (MoSSEC)” is a collaborative framework for models to organize and share the model’s meta-data. Learn more at
    AP242: “Managed Model Based 3D Engineering” (ISO 10303-242) is an example of a key standard given the improvements it represents over legacy standards (AP203 & AP214) for Product Lifecycle Management. Learn more about at
    AP238: “Application Interpreted Model For Computerized Numerical Controllers” (ISO 10303-238) also sometimes referred to as STEP-NC extends the AP242 model with the machining model in ISO 14649 and enables the manufacturing process, inspection, and quality artifacts.
    S1000D: “International specification for technical publications using a common source database” is a standard used to create and exchange technical publications (maintenance manuals, wiring diagram manuals, parts catalogs, etc.). Learn more at
    LOTAR: Long Term Archiving and Retrieval is an consortium of aerospace manufacturers whose prime objective is the creation and use of the EN and NAS 9300 series of standards for long term archiving and retrieval of digital data.  Learn more at
    ISO 22093: “Quality Information Framework (QIF)” enables the capture, use, and re-use of metrology (and related) information throughout the PLM and PDM domains.
    FMI:“Functional Mock Up” is a tool agnostic and open modeling standard for functional (dynamic) analysis models. The models are defined by differential, algebraic, or discrete equations and enable FMI Model Exchange or FMI Co-Simulation. Learn more at

Note: This view depicts the standards that support the specific needs of the digital products that comprise the MBE diamond. Click the image for a larger view.