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Model Based Engineering (MBE) Supplier Integration

Boeing’s MBE View

Data and process standards are continuing to advance with the times and the standards we use to execute the business have to progress just like software. We encourage you to understand your relationship with Boeing’s approach to digital models and data.

Boeing is standardizing the capabilities of each discipline with common terminology, processes, applications and data, such as:

    • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
    • Product Line Engineering
    • Model-Based System Engineering (MBSE)
    • Model Based Definition (3DMBD)
    • Model Based Production Planning (MBPP)
    • Electrical and Electronics
    • Product analysis and simulation
    • Test and Certification
    • And additional elements

The Digital Thread connects “authoritative sources of information from producers to consumers in well packaged, fit for purpose, standards-based formats.” Digital thread use cases interconnect digital models as authoritative sources of truth (ASOT) and data streams among the underlying authoring, analysis, and operations environments. Connections enable traceability, validation, and consistency.

Boeing’s_MBE_View.png Note: This view depicts Boeing’s MBE taxonomy. Click the image for a larger view.