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Expendable Launch Systems (ELS)(formerly Space & Defense Systems [S&DS])

The clauses required in ELS (S&DS) procurements involving supplies and services are diverse and vary in complexity, based on dollar value and other factors. Frequently, ELS (S&DS) customers impose contractual requirements which must be passed on to sellers. ELS (S&DS) imposes these and other contractual requirements on its suppliers by incorporating selected clauses from this Terms and Conditions Guide into its contracts.

Various clauses have been included in this Guide to simplify the process of imposing contractual guidance on sellers. These contractual provisions can be broadly categorized as "general terms and conditions" or "general provisions" and "special clauses".

The general terms and conditions and general provisions are in various documents in Section 4, General Terms and Conditions (DAR/NASA PR); Section 8, General Terms and Conditions; and Section G, General Provisions. General terms and conditions and general provisions are augmented as necessary by special clauses, which are selectively incorporated to cover specific aspects of each procurement action.

Section G General Provisions: Clauses beginning with the letter "G."
Note: (PDF) Must be viewed with Acrobat Reader .
Section Q Quality Assurance Clauses: Clauses beginning with the letter "Q."
Section S Special Provisions: Clauses beginning with the letter "S."
Section 1 Solicitation Clauses: Clauses 100 through 199.
Section 2 Special Technical Clauses: Clauses 200 through 299.
Section 3 Administrative Clauses: Clauses 300 through 399.
Section 4 General Terms and Conditions (DAR/NASA PR): Clauses 400 through 499.
Section 5 Service and Supply Contract Clauses: Clauses 500 through 599.
Section 6 Quality Assurance Clauses: Clauses 600 through 699 and CQARS
Section 7 Termination Clauses: Clauses 700 through 799.
Section 8 General Terms and Conditions: Clauses 800 through 899.
Section 9 Government Contract Requirements: Clauses beginning with number "9."


Only those clauses referenced in a solicitation or contract are applicable to that solicitation or contract.


Throughout this Guide, your company is referred to as "Bidder" or "Seller." McDonnell Douglas is generally referred to as "MDC" or "Buyer."


Questions regarding the contents of this Guide should be directed to the MDC buyer (throughout this Guide, referred to as "MDC's authorized purchasing representative") referenced in the solicitation or contract.


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