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The following Exhibit documents are the most current versions.
Please locate a reference date within the document you are viewing.
If you need an Exhibit that precedes the last revised date, contact your buyer.

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PCS Exhibit
000111 A
000485 A
00-2-048-0-00 A
00-3210-26-1 A
00-D-0001 A
00-S437-013-C2 A
02C0100001 A
03-S508-001-C1 A
04-C-0901 A
05-C-8390 A
06-C-8406 A
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PCS Exhibit
1020300033 A
110-134564EZ (superseded by 568334) A
110-960880XZ A
114-014801EK (superseded by 110-134564EZ) A
114-650403 PK A
114-650404 UK A
114-715118 PK A
114-960879K A
114960-1130010 A
1201022 A
123076 A
1256881 A
14847-S2 (F30602-99-2-0505) A
16-MO2269-M40 A
176-715104EK A
1970483303 A
1L05000027 -Rev. 1 A
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PCS Exhibit
200-10-14C43733 A
24201J A
24412 A
2N241 A
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PCS Exhibit
30012089 A
3033380 A
312074 - Rev. A A
3/28500/2L-066 A
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PCS Exhibit
41-110 A
41-94 A
41-102 A
414-650013KK A
4300096841 A
4300098716 A
4300117844 -Orig
4300126050 A
4300143839 -Orig 
4400060952 A
4400061555 A
4400165949 A
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PCS Exhibit
5001-BOE-001 A
52603 A
53900 A
568334 -(A) A
579428 A
599246 A
599887 (F09603-99-G-0008) A
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PCS Exhibit
71-20M6-BR-0002 A
71-HBJ6-BR-0001 A
7315 A
7L2SL -Prelim
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PCS Exhibit
82-635670-SGC A
880003724 A
8825-0001-A55 A
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PCS Exhibit
90078U A
92-4-056AC/1 A
945036 A
960360 A
960581 A
960654 A
960737 A
961551 A
9635450 A
9706650 A
990095 A
9-BG-38-2-80P A
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PCS Exhibit
AAV000911 A
ABL Block 08 -(A) Prelim A
AS2004 A
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PCS Exhibit
B04932605 A
BAA 96-20 A
BG04054 A
BLO-JW9002 A
BLO-JW0003 A
BLO-S6003 A
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PCS Exhibit
C29A13 A
C29A15 A
C29A16 A
C29A20 A
C29A27 A
C338318 A
C338364  A
C338364-ACSN -(A) A
C79A85 A
CMJ-E0005 A
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PCS Exhibit
DAAB07-00-D-K260 A
DAAB07-01-C-L845 A
DAAB07-97-C-D314 A
DAAB07-98-C-D252 A
DAAD19-99-C-0023 A
DAAE20-98-P-0268 A
DAAH01-00-C-0102 A
DAAH01-01-C-0026 A
DAAH01-01-C-0062 A
DAAH01-01-D-0053 A
DAAH01-01-C-R186 A
DAAH01-01-R-R008 A
DAAH01-02-C-0030 A
DAAH01-02-C-A004 A
DAAH01-03-C-0217 A
DAAH01-03-C-0226 A
DAAH01-03-C-0180 A
DAAH01-03-D-0006 A
DAAH01-03-D-0008 -Orig
DAAH01-03-D-0014 A
DAAH01-03-R-0008 A
DAAH01-03-R-0051 A
DAAH01-03-R-0213 A
DAAH01-03-R-0252 A
DAAH01-03-R-0277 A
DAAH01-96-P-0662 A
DAAH01-96-P-0866 A
DAAH01-96-P-1101 A
DAAH01-96-P-1119 A
DAAH01-97-C-0047 A
DAAH01-97-C-0076 A
DAAH01-97-C-0081 A
DAAH01-97-C-0263 A
DAAH01-97-P-0320 A
DAAH01-98-C-0133 A
DAAH01-98-C-R090 A
DAAH01-98-C-R138 A
DAAH01-98-P-0937 A
DAAH01-99-3-R001 A
DAAH01-99-C-0004 A
DAAH01-99-C-0015 A
DAAH01-99-C-0052 A
DAAH01-99-C-0077 A
DAAH01-99-C-0189 -Orig
DAAH01-99-P-0057 A
DAAH01-99-P-0253 A
DAAH01-99-P-0457 A
DAAH10-00-C-0043 A
DAAH10-00-C-0052 A
DAAH10-01-2-0005 A
DAAH10-02-C-0054 A
DAAH23-00-C-0001 A
DAAH23-00-C-0044 A
DAAH23-00-C-0124 A
DAAH23-00-C-0150 A
DAAH23-00-C-0343 A
DAAH23-00-C-A001 A
DAAH23-00-G-0018 A
DAAH23-00-G-0343 A
DAAH23-01-C-0028 A
DAAH23-01-C-0308 A
DAAH23-01-D-0173 A
DAAH23-01-D-0174 A
DAAH23-01-D-0175 A
DAAH23-01-D-0273 A
DAAH23-01-D-0274 A
DAAH23-02-C-0093 A
DAAH23-02-C-0155 A
DAAH23-02-D-0307 A
DAAH23-03-C-0019 A
DAAH23-03-C-0022 A
DAAH23-03-C-0150 A
DAAH23-03-D-0004 A
DAAH23-03-D-0020 A
DAAH23-03-D-0105 A
DAAH23-03-D-0204 A
DAAH23-03-G-0012 A
DAAH23-98-C-0026 A
DAAH23-98-C-0069 A
DAAH23-98-D-A002 A
DAAH23-98-D-0101 A
DAAH23-99-C-0078 A
DAAH23-99-C-0111 A
DAAH23-99-G-0007 A
DAAJ09-94-G-0005 A
DAAJ09-94-G-0009 A
DAAJ09-95-C-A001 A
DAAJ09-95-G-0012 A
DAAJ09-95-G-0018 A
DAAJ09-96-D-0104 A
DAAJ09-97-C-0200 A
DAH001-02-S-0017 A
DASG60-97-C-0105 A
DCA100-00-C-4015 A
DLA001-03-C-0021 A
DMEA90-99-D-0005 A
DSWA01-96-C-0151 A
DSWA01-97-C-0043 A
DTFA03-01-C-00032 A
DTFA03-97-C-00001 A
DTFACT-03-C-00033 A
DTFAWA-04-C-00030 A
DTFAWA-04-C-00052 A
DTRA01-00-C-0046 A
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PCS Exhibit
F0200017 A
F04606-97-G-0006 (IDWA C91N14) A
F04701-96-C-0025 A
F04701-96-C-0044 A
F04701-97-C-0004 A
F04704-93-C-0020 A
F05604-97-C-9003 A
F08626-95-C-0236 A
F08626-96-C-0163 A
F09603-00-D-0054 A
F09603-01-D-0025 A
F09603-01-D-0213 A
F09603-01-D-0213-SD08 A
F09603-01-D-0213-SD09 A
F09603-01-D-0213-SD16 A
F09603-01-D-0213-SD18 A
F09603-87-C-0106 A
F09603-96-D-0246 A
F09603-98-C-0124 A
F09603-99-C-0193 A
F09603-99-D-0320 A
F09603-99-G-0008 A
F19628-00-C-0004 A
F19628-00-C-0009 A
F19628-01-D-0016 (AMASS Shell) A
F19628-01-D-0016-DO0002 A
F19628-01-D-0016-DO0004 A
F19628-01-D-0016-DO0005 A
F19628-01-D-0016-DO0010 A
F19628-01-D-0016-DO0011 A
F19628-01-D-0016-DO0015 A
F19628-01-D-0016-DO0035 A
F19628-01-D-0016-DO0049 A
F19628-01-D-0016-do50 A
F19628-01-D-0016-DO52 A
F19628-01-D-0016-Block 40,45 A
F19628-01-D-0016-SD04 A
F19628-01-D-0016-SD10 A
F19628-01-D-0016-SD11 A
F19628-01-D-0016-SD41 A
F19628-01-D-0016-SD43 A
F19628-02-C-0093 A
F19628-02-R-0067 A
F19628-03-C-0014 A
F19628-03-C-0065 A
F19628-21-C-0088 A , A-1 , B
F19628-95-C-0041 A , B , C
F19628-95-C-0241 (ECSP) A
F19628-95-C-0241 A
F19628-96-C-0025 A
F19628-97-C-0005 A
F19628-97-C-0112 -(G)
A , A-1 , B
A , A-1 , B
A , A-1 , B
F19628-97-C-0077 A
F19628-99-C-0012 A
F19628-99-C-0042 A
F29601-97-C-0001 A
F30602-02-C-0203 A
F30602-96-C-0318 A
F30602-97-C-0217 A
F30602-97-C-0309 A
F30602-98-C-0170 A
F30602-98-C-0203 A
F30602-99-C-0069 A
F30602-99-C-0181 A
F30603-03-C-2009 A
F33600-98-C-0006 A
F33615-00-2-1717 A
F33615-00-D-3052 A
F33615-01-2-3152 A
F33615-01-C-2192 A
F33615-01-C-3102 A
F33615-02-2-3220 -Prelim
F33615-94-C-3408 A
F33615-95-C-5225 A
F33615-95-C-5237 A
F33615-95-C-5542 A
F33615-95-D-3203 A
F33615-96-C-1941 A
F33615-96-C-5078 A
F33615-96-C-5268 A
F33615-96-D-3011 A
F33615-97-C-5006 A
F33615-97-C-5284 A
F33615-97-D-1155 A
F33615-98-C-1365 A
F33615-99-2-5304 A
F33615-99-2-5501 A
F33615-99-C-5019 A
F33657-00-C-0020 A
F33657-00-C-0040 A
F33657-00-C-0056 A
F33657-01-C-2095 (Prelim) A
F33657-01-D-2050 A
F33657-02-C-0010 A
F33657-02-C-0017 A
F33657-02-D-0009 A
F33657-02-D-0026 A
F33657-02-R-0001 A
F33657-03-C-0001 A
F33657-03-C-2051 A
F33657-03-D-0004 A
F33657-03-D-2036 A
F33657-86-C-0421 A
F33657-89-C-2104 A
F33657-94-C-0047 A
F33657-95-C-0057p A
F33657-95-C-2008 A
F33657-96-C-0024 A
F33657-96-C-2075 A
F33657-96-D-2006 A
F33657-97-C-0002 A
F33657-97-C-0011 A
F33657-97-C-0024 (CL1N22) A
F33657-97-C-0030 A
F33657-97-C-0031 A , B
F33657-97-C-2004 A
F33657-98-C-0013 A
F33657-98-C-2000 A
F33657-98-D-0002 A
F33657-99-C-0024 A
F33657-99-C-0036 (Prelim) A
F33657-99-C-0036 A
F33657-99-C-0039 A
F33657-99-R-0036 A
F34601-00-C-0022 A
F34601-00-C-0175 A
F34601-00-C-0348 A
F34601-01-C-0004 A , B
F34601-01-C-0016 - Orig
F34601-01-C-0026 A
F34601-01-G-0011 A
F34601-02-C-0003 A , B
F34601-02-C-0058 A
F34601-02-D-0050 A
F34601-03-C-0042 -Prelim
F34601-03-C-0155 A
F34601-03-C-0430 A
F34601-03-D-0065 -Orig
F34601-03-D-0066 A
F34601-90-C-2257 A
F34601-92-C-0272 A
F34601-93-D-0107 A
F34601-93-D-0346 A
F34601-94-C-0005 A
F34601-94-C-0120 A
F34601-94-C-0121 A
F34601-95-C-0270 -Orig
F34601-95-C-0478 A
F34601-95-C-0512 A
F34601-96-C-0041 A
F34601-96-C-0207 -Orig
F34601-96-C-0284 A
F34601-96-C-0562 -Orig
F34601-96-C-0605 A
F34601-96-C-0720 A
F34601-97-C-0001 -Orig
F34601-97-C-0078 A
F34601-97-C-0091 A
F34601-97-C-0211 A
F34601-97-D-0025 A
F34601-97-D-0421 A
F34601-97-D-0137 A
F34601-97-G-0005 A
F34601-98-C-0001 A
F34601-98-C-0053 A
F34601-98-C-0103 A
F34601-98-C-0125 A
F34601-98-D-0040 A
F34601-98-D-0074 A
F34601-99-C-0001 A
F34601-99-C-0003 A
F34601-99-C-0005 A
F34601-99-G-0005 A
F34601-99-C-0006 A
F34601-99-C-0096 A
F41608-97-D-0494 A
F41624-98-D-1002 A
F41689-02-C-0004 A
F41689-97-C-0001 A
F41689-97-C-0701 A
F41689-97-C-0703 A
F42600-96-C-0033 A
F42610-95-D-0019 A
F42610-96-C-0033 A
F42610-96-C-0043 A
F42610-96-C-0044 A
F42610-96-C-0058 A
F42610-96-D-0021 A
F42610-96-M-0046 A
F42610-97-C-0002 A
F42610-97-D-0005 A
F42610-98-C-0007 A
F42610-98-C-0014 A
F42620-98-D-0054p A
F42630-96-D-0328 A
F42630-99-C-0033 A
F44650-92-C-0012 A
F44650-94-D-0016 A
F44650-95-C-0005 A
F44650-96-C-0002 A
F44650-96-C-0003 A
F44650-96-C-0007 A
F44650-99-C-0001 A
F44650-99-C-0002 A
F49620-99-2-0332 A
FA5215-05-R-0012 A
FA5215-06-D-0005 A
F61521-99-C-5001 A
F759983 A
F771366 A
FA4608-04-C-0020 A
FA8100-04-C-0002 -Orig
FA8100-05-R-0002 A
FA8103-04-D-0019 A
FA8103-05-D-0081 - Orig A
FA8103-05-D-0081 - Rev. A A
FA8103-05-G-0002 A
FA8105-04-C-0023 A
FA8105-05-C-0002 A
FA8105-05-C-0005 A
FA8105-05-C-0012 A
FA8106-04-C-0006 A
FA8106-05-R-0004 A
FA8107-04-C-0009 A
FA8107-05-C-0001 A
FA8107-05-C-0003 A
FA8107-05-C-0007 A
FA8107-05-C-0009 A
FA8611-04-C-2851 A
FA8611-05-C-2850 A
FA8611-06-C-2899 A
FA8621-05-R-6252 A
FA8628-05-R-2250 A
FA8632-05-D-2450 A
FA8632-05-D-2451 A
FA8650-06-C-5210 A
FA8720-04-D-0005 A
FA8750-04-C-0007 A
FA8750-04-C-0100 A
FA9453-05-C-0165 A
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PCS Exhibit
GS-35F-4789G A
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PCS Exhibit
H7221100 A
H7224-1100 -(C)
HDTRA1-05-D-0001 A
HM1582-04-C-0006 A
HP10926M8S A
HQ0006-01-C-0001 -Orig
HQ0006-02-9-0001 A
HQ0006-98-C-0003 A
HR0011-04-C-0106 A
HR0011-04-C-0155 A
HR0011-05-2-0001 A
HR0011-05-C-0068 A
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PCS Exhibit
IWA 022316 A
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PCS Exhibit
JVYS05001 A
JW903601-02 A
JW928801 A
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PCS Exhibit
K28S00014 A
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PCS Exhibit
L-1170-IA98-036 A
L2300 A
L2600 A
L2800 A
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PCS Exhibit
M0025 A
M0026 A
M0029 A
M00146-05-C-9004 A
M67854-03-C-2005 A
MCB/40-0121 A
MCB/40-0132 A
MDA904-99-C-3055 A
MDA972-00-9-0001 A
MDA972-01-2-0016 A
MDA972-01-C-0034 A
MDA972-03-2-0003 A
MDA972-03-9-0004 A
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PCS Exhibit
N00010-05-R-0046 A
N00014-00-3-0019 A
N00014-02-C-0068 A
N00014-02-C-0108 A , B
N00014-03-C-0318 A
N00014-04-C-0003 A
N00014-04-C-0182 A
N00014-95-C-2197 A
N00014-98-C-0127 A
N00014-99-C-0398 A
N00015-98-C-0142 A
N00019-00-C-0183 A
N00019-00-C-0508 A
N00019-01-C-0066 A
N00019-01-C-0133 A
N00019-03-C-0038 A
N00019-03-C-0067 A
N00019-03-C-3017 A
N00019-03-C-6517 A
N00019-04-C-0005 A
N00019-04-C-0012 A
N00019-04-C-3146 -Orig
N00019-04-G-0007 A
N00019-04-G-0013 A
N00019-05-C-0002 A
N00019-05-C-0052 A
N00019-05-G-0012 A
N00019-05-G-0026 A
N00019-05-R-0075 A
N00019-93-C-0006 A
N00019-94-C-0038 A
N00019-96-C-0054 -Orig
N00019-97-C-0037 A
N00019-97-C-2034 A
N00019-98-C-0183 A
N00019-99-C-0016 A
N00019-99-C-1047 A
N00019-99-C-1090 A
N00019-99-C-1228 -Orig
N00019-99-C-1551 A
N00024-98-2-4022 A
N00024-99-C-5118 A
N00039-04-C-0015 A
N00140-04-C-H021 A
N00140-95-2-J044 A
N00164-97-M-0407 A
N00178-97-C-2028 A
N00383-97-G-002N A
N00383-01-D-008N A
N00383-03-G-001B A
N00383-05-G-043N A
N00383-96-G-001N A
N00383-99-G-009N A
N00421-01-3-0098 A
N00421-01-C-0058 A
N00421-02-D-3223 A
N00421-03-C-0088 A
N00421-99-D-1191 A
N1-01-2000 A
N1159265 A
N1803 A
N2286 A
N4809 A
N61339-00-D-0005 A
N61339-01-D-0007 A
N61339-05-D-6000 A
N61339-05-R-0037 A
N61339-05-R-0060 A
N61339-06-C-0160 A
N62269-89-C-0230 A
N62269-89-C-0276 A
N66001-01-C-8048 A
N66001-97-C-6002 A
N66001-97-C-8642 A
N66001-98-C-8611 A
N66604-99-C-2966 A
N66001-99-C-6001 A
N68335-03-G-0004 A
N68335-03-G-0007 A
N68335-04-G-0004 A
N68335-04-G-0006 A
N68335-99-D-0062 A
N68520-95-C-0038 A
N68936-95-C-0080 A
N68936-99-9-0004 A
N68939-97-D-0003 A
NAS1-00086 A
NAS1-00106 A
NAS1-20014 A
NAS1-20341 A
NAS1-20546 A
NAS1-97040 A
NAS1-99070 A
NAS2-01064 A
NAS2-99074 A
NAS3-01140 A
NAS3-02067 A
NAS3-99191 A
NAS5-97159 A
NAS8-02093 A
NAS8-40218 A
NAS8-40581 A
NAS8-50000 A
NAS8-98217 A
NAS8-99153 A
NAS9-02099 A
NAS9-18720 A
NAS13-99020 A
NAS13-99022 A
NAS15-10000 A
NASW-00007 A
NASW-5070 A
NBCHC030031 A
NCC2-9019 A
NCCST-97-01 A
NRO000-02-C-0343 A
NRO000-98-D-2116 A
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PCS Exhibit
PA6101 A , B
P9904799 A
P9906919 A
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PCS Exhibit
QE1399 A
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PCS Exhibit
R64PAZ-96550075 A
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PCS Exhibit
S00-22 A
S618003 A
S-709-023-001 A
S99-22 A
SC5105A-2 A
SC-0043-96-0004 A
Sentry/1246 A
Small Value Fixed Price PC's A
SMC23A/1100 A , B
SMC23A/1170 A , B
SMC23A/1171 A , B
SP0400-02-D-9407 A
SP0416-04-C-1404 A
SP0740-01-D-7629 A
SPO460-97-D-0744 A
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PCS Exhibit
TMC96-5835-0042-02 A
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PCS Exhibit
USZA22-02-C-0049 -Orig
USZA95-00-C-0002 A
USZA95-02-C-0024 A
USZA95-03-C-0002 A
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PCS Exhibit
W31P4Q-04-C-0057 A
W31P4Q-04-C-0065 A
W31P4Q-04-C-0081 A
W31P4Q-04-C-0127 A
W31P4Q-04-C-0171 A
W31P4Q-04-D-0052 A
W31P4Q-04-D-0059 A
W31P4Q-04-D-0066 A
W58RGZ-04-C-0012 -Orig
W58RGZ-04-C-0016 A
W58RGZ-04-C-0120 A
W58RGZ-04-C-0203 A
W58RGZ-04-C-0205 -Orig
W58RGZ-04-C-0265 A
W58RGZ-04-D-0119 A
W58RGZ-04-G-0023 A
W58RGZ-04-P-0638 A
W58RGZ-05-R-0005 A
W911SR-04-C-0094 A
W9132V-06-D-0003 A
WC01F6901 A

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