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Mesa Terms & Conditions 07/2004 Version

"Subject" Headings and/or titles are solely for the convenience of reference and shall not have any effect upon its interpretation. Should any document in the contract refer to POSP (Purchase Order Special Provision) it shall mean "SP".
Table of Contents Alphabetical Cross Reference
SP Section 0100 Special Notes
SP Section 0190 Code of Conduct
SP Section 0200 Applicable General Provisions
SP Section 0500 Pricing
SP Section 1000 Schedules
SP Section 1500 Specifications and Performance
SP Section 2000 Quality Assurance
SP Section 3000 Hazardous Material
SP Section 3500 Packaging
SP Section 4000 Shipping and Routing
SP Section 4500 Invoicing
SP Section 5000 Boeing Mesa Furnished Items
SP Section 5500 Data
SP Section 6000 Tooling and Test Equipment
SP Section 6500 Special Tooling
SP Section 7000 Warranty/Rework/Repair/Scrapped Items
SP Section 7500 Administration
SP Section 8000 Flowdown
SP Section 8010 Customer Contract
SP Section 8013 Apache Long Term Spares Contracting
SP Section 8014 Kuwait Apache Longbow Program
SP Section 8016 Improved Helmet Display Sight System
SP Section 8017 Chinook & Apache Crash Damage Kits
SP Section 8018 Manned/Unmanned Common Architecture Program
SP Section 8019 Customer Contract Requirements
SP Section 8020 Customer Contract Requirements
SP Section 8021 Customer Contract Requirements
SP Section 8300 Patents, Royalties, Data Rights
SP Section 9000 Audit Rights
SP Section 9500 Miscellaneous
SP Section 9800 Boeing Corporate Contracts and Agreements
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