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Foreign Object Debris (FOD)
Direct Ship Acceptance (DSA) DoDAAC Site codes

First Article Inspection (FAI)

sAdditional Requirements / Information
U.S. Import Country of Origin Marking Compliance Guide
X31764 - BCA Quality Purchasing Data Requirements
BDS Site / Program Quality Requirements
sProcess / Standard Information
Special Process and Support Standard Change Information
sBoeing Quality Management System Requirements for Suppliers
BQMS Home Page
BQMS Requirements for Supplier's D6-82479
International Aerospace Quality Group's OASIS database
BQMS Benefits
BQMS for Supplier Requirements Frequently Asked Questions
BQMS Addendum 1 (VKMC) Frequently Asked Questions
Deliverable Software Frequently Asked Questions
ICOP Certification
sApproved Process Sources D1-4426
Approved Process Sources D1-4426
D1-4426 Frequently Asked Questions
sDigital Product Definition
D6-51991 Quality Assurance Standard for Digital Product Definition at Boeing Suppliers
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Supplier Portal system requirements 
Sending encrypted e-mail
sSupplier Quality - Supplier Surveillance
Supplier Quality - Supplier Surveillance
BDS - Supplier Funded Supplemental Inspection (SFSI)