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Quality Requirement Review (QRR)

Boeing has adopted the Quality Requirement Review (QRR) process as an early involvement and proactive approach to improve partnership with Suppliers and establish confidence that Suppliers understand requirements

Based on procurement conditions (e.g., new supplier, new product, performance history) the QRR process is initiated where / when there is opportunity to reduce risk by establishing confidence the Supplier understands the imposed quality requirements.

QRR activities are performed at the Supplier facility by Boeing Supplier Quality personnel. The QRR activities are in scope of the contractual General Provisions (e.g., GP1) addressing Boeing right of surveillance and the review of goods and related procedures, practices and processes.

The QRR process consists of a checklist designed to support the Boeing business that issued the purchase document. The QRR checklist enables a consistent approach with Suppliers to establish confidence there is an understanding of the imposed quality requirements. The QRR activity may result in Boeing and / or Supplier QRR actions, to address conditions identified during the QRR activity. Supplier QRR actions do not affect performance ratings however do ensure measures are taken to understand the imposed requirements.

The early involvement and proactive approach of QRR process activities can be beneficial and preparatory for the conformance of goods and services and basic contract conformance. QRR activities do not replace Boeing Quality Management System or Special Process activities, audits, assessments, recognition, source inspection activities or other conformance verification activities.


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