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Quality Management Systems (QMS) Approvals

Boeing defines its quality management system (QMS) requirements for suppliers in the D6-82479. These QMS requirements for suppliers are described in three active appendices and two addenda for which the applicability will be defined by contract.

Appendix A - AS9100C, Quality Management Systems - Requirements for Aviation, Space and Defense Organizations

Appendix C - AS9110, Quality Management Systems - Requirements for Aviation Maintenance Organizations

Appendix D - AS9120, Quality Management Systems – Requirements for Aviation, Space and Defense Distributors

Addendum 1 - Variation Management of Key Characteristics (9103*)

Addendum 2 - Quality Systems Requirements for Deliverable Software

D6-82479 Section 2, Boeing Recognition of Quality Management System Accredited Certification/Registration, outlines Boeing’s rights with respect to Certification recognition and the ability to conduct onsite assessment activities on a supplier’s quality management system.

Boeing’s initial approval process to these appendices and addenda is by Industry Controlled Other Party certification recognition, Boeing 2nd Party assessment or a combination of these two processes.

The objective of these assessments:
Validate conformance to the applicable D6-82479 requirements to facilitate a Boeing 2nd Party approval Independent evaluation of a certified organization with the objective to evaluate the performance of the Certification Body that certified the supplier’s quality management system.

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