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Loading Certificates for use by Outlook or Outlook Express

The Internet Explorer web browser is used to store all certificates used by the Outlook and Outlook Express email programs. In order to use one of these email programs to send encrypted email, you must have the email recipient's public certificate stored in your IE browser.

To load the email recipient's certificate(s) into IE, enter the complete email address of the recipient in the Email Address field on the Sending Encrypted Email to Boeing web form. Then select Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express as your download option and press the Get Certificate(s) button. If any certificates are found for the specified email address, a pop-up menu will be displayed. Select Open this file from its current location and press the OK button.

The Outlook Address Book window will appear and the certificate(s) will be loaded into the IE browser.

You can view all the certificates being stored in your browser by opening IE and following:
Tools -> Internet Options -> Content -> Certificates -> Other People


For more information about email encryption at Boeing and the use of the LDAP Proxy, see the LDAP Proxy Service page.

The LDAP Proxy source code is available for download from SourceForge.net.

Contact: Boeing LDAP Proxy Team


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