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Section I - Intellectual Property/Data
Clause Title Effective Date Comments
I000 Reports of Patents 03/22/2016
I001 Data Rights and Information Confidential 03/01/2004  
I002 Rights in Patents and Inventions (Other Than Government Contracts) 03/01/2004  
I011 Intellectual Property (Goods) 02/17/2015  
I012 Intellectual Property (Services) 02/17/2015  
I003W Patent Rights (Variable) 04/01/2004  
I004W Designation of New Technology and Patent Representatives (Variable) 04/01/2004  
I005E Intellectual Property Rights - Title to Buyer 07/22/2005  
I006E Intellectual Property Rights - Title to Buyer and License to Seller 07/22/2005  
I007E Intellectual Property Rights - Joint Ownership of Foreground IP License to Buyer of Background IP and Exclusive License for Space Applications 07/22/2005  
I008E Intellectual Property Rights - Non-Exclusive
License for Foreground and Background Intellectual Property
I009E Industrial Property Rights Agreement (Commercial) (Variable) 08/23/2005
I010 Intellectual Property Rights 09/01/2005  
I100 Unlimited Rights 03/01/2004  
I101V Identification/Marking of Technical Data 09/30/2004  
I101W Listing of Technical Data or Computer Software (AFSC FAR SUPP. 52.227-9001) (Variable) 04/01/2004  
I102W Tech. Data/Computer Software Furnished or Delivered with Restrictions (Variable) 04/01/2004  
I104L Technical Data -- Withholding of Payment 06/07/2005  
I110E Industrial Property Rights Agreement (Government)(Variable) 08/23/2005
I112 Nonconforming Marking 11/15/2013  
I300 Software License Agreement 11/13/2009
I301 Computer Software Acceptance 03/01/2004  
I302 Computer Software Warranty 03/01/2004  
I303 Right in Software, Software Documentation, and Other Forms of Authorship Generated in Effort Not Supporting Government Contracts 03/01/2004  
I304V Supplier Responsibilities 12/20/2004  

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