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Waterborne Coating Tips
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Subject: Waterborne Coatings

BAC 5325 Application of BMS 10-103, Nonchromated primer for composites, Rev. C, 16-MAY-1994
BAC 5710 Application of Special Purpose Coatings, Revision M, 29-APR-1992
BAC 5736 Application of Chemical and Solvent Resistant Finishes, Revision T, 22-MAY-2003
BAC 5755 Application of Interior Decorative Finishes, Revision V, 07-JUL-1999
BMS 3-8 Solid Film Lubricant, Liquid Dispersed, Revision F, 08-OCT-2003
BMS 5-89 Corrosion Inhibiting Adhesive Primer, Revision P, 07-FEB-2005
BMS 5-137 Structural Adhesive for Acoustic Panels -- 350 F Service, Revision H, 18-JUL-2003
BMS 10-11 Chemical and Solvent Resistant Finish, Revision Y, 09-MAY-2003
BMS 10-55 Interior Decorative Water Emulsion Paints, Revision E, 20-MAR-1992
BMS 10-83 Interior Decorative Urethane Paint System, Revision D, 30-NOV-1998
BMS 10-85 Aluminum Pigmented Coating for Fasteners, Revision R, 13-JUL-2004
BMS 10-103 Nonchromated primer for composites, Revision C, 04-AUG-1998

This page is designed to provide comparison information between conventional and waterborne coatings and highlight common manufacturing issues.

This does not supersede drawings or specification requirements. This information shall not be used for production, test, or acceptance processes.

Manufacturing Information:
Coating characteristics:
  • Shorter pot life
  • Longer flash off prior to oven cure
  • Unique mix ratio
  • No induction time required
  • Similar dry to handle and dry to overcoat times
Contamination Sensitivity:
Waterborne coatings are sensitive to contamination. Most problems can be avoided by careful pre-paint cleaning and by filtering the mixed paint prior to spray.
Clean Up:
  • Clean guns as soon as possible after use.
  • For waterborne primers, rinse first with water, then with a solvent such as isopropyl alcohol 50:50 IPA/Naphtha.
  • Initial cleaning with ketones will cause coating to become clumpy and rubbery in gun and pot.
  • Waterborne coating waste is often designated as a different waste category than conventional coating wastes. Check with your waste handler.
BMS 10-11 Type I:
  • Touch up versions are available that reduce bubbles during brush application.
  • Extended Potlife: Longer pot life formulations available.
  • Alternate Thinner for Touch up: Acetone:Water blend is qualified for improved application properties. Check local environmental regulations for acceptability.
  • BMS 10-11 Type I is available in yellow and green colors. See drawing or BAC 5736 spec for information on choosing appropriate color.

BMS 10-83 Type I: Acrylic-Urethane Emulsion:

  • Elevated cure required.
  • High film thickness required.
  • Excess water can cause low film build and bubbles.

The information provided in this website is intended to assist suppliers to The Boeing Company. Although every effort has been made to ensure its accuracy, we cannot warrant its accuracy for use in environmental compliance matters. You should check with your local, state, or Federal regulatory agencies if you have questions regarding the proper procedures or other matter related to compliance.

Safety Reminder:
Refer to Manufacturer's material safety data sheets, or contact the manufacturer for safety and health information pertaining to hazardous materials.

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