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Non-Chromated Coatings
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Non-Chromated Conversion Coating (Sol-Gel) BAC 5663

Subject: Non-Chromated Conversion Coating Process Qualification

BAC 5408 Vapor Degreasing, Revision M, 28-APR-1988
BAC 5725 Stripping Organic Materials, Revision F, 07-SEP-1989 
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BAC 5786 Etch Cleaning of Aluminum Alloys, Revision J, 11-NOV-1996
BMS 10-11 Chemical and Solvent Resistant Finish, Revision V, 06-JUL-2003

This does not supersede drawings or specification requirements. This information shall not be used for production, test, or acceptance processes
BAC 5663 describes the application of sol-gel (solution-gelation) conversion coating for paint adhesion on aluminum alloys. Sol-gel coated parts should receive an additional finish of an epoxy or polyurethane-based coating.
The use of BAC 5663 in lieu of BAC 5719 depends on the application. The drawing finish code will specify the use of BAC 5663 if appropriate.
Process Step:
Unique Characteristics of the Sol-Gel Application Process
Materials storage:
Sol-gel materials are time and temperature sensitive.
Sol-gel application area must have ventilation. Rinse water used prior to application of sol-gel must not exceed 200 ppm total Solids. Other unique water requirements must be met.
Prepare sol-gel solution in accordance with manufacturer's instructions.
Apply sol-gel within 10 hours of deoxidizing.
Spray application:
Apply solution by spray-drenching part. Keep part continuously wet for 2 minutes minimum.
Manual application:
Apply solution liberally by brushing. Keep part continuously wet for 2 minutes minimum.
Handle wet parts with clean latex gloves. Handle dry parts with clean fabric gloves.
Drain parts for 3 to 10 minutes.
Dry parts at ambient conditions for a minimum of 60 minutes.
Adhesion Test:
Apply BMS 10-11, Type 1, primer to sol-gel-coated test specimens and cure. Conduct aluminum rod adhesion test.
Subsequent finishing:
Apply organic finishes within 72 hours of sol-gel treatment

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Safety Reminder:
Refer to Manufacturer's material safety data sheets, or contact the manufacturer for safety and health information pertaining to hazardous materials.

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