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Subject: Chem Milling Maskants

Reference: BAC 5772 Chem Milling Aluminum Alloys, Revision T, 06-JAN-1995
Qualified Processor List, Revision R, 06-OCT-04

Description of Problem: Environmental regulations in many areas require use of products with lower Volatile Organic Compound emissions. New products have been qualified. Many require process adjustment.

This information sheet is designed to provide detailed information not included in process specifications.

Manufacturing Information:

Water based maskants:
  • Require oven cure
  • Sensitive to contamination
  • Skinning in tank cannot be redissolved
  • Check for ease of peel acceptability
  • More expensive material
Low VOC Solvent based maskants:
  • More expensive material
  • Strong odor
Conventional Solvent based maskants:
  • Regulations commonly require emissions control equipment and recordkeeping
  • Large capital investment for equipment may be required

The information provided in this website is intended to assist suppliers to the Boeing Company. Although every effort has been made to ensure its accuracy, we cannot warrant its accuracy for use in environmental compliance matters. You should check with your local, state, or Federal regulatory agencies if you have questions regarding the proper procedures or other matter related to compliance.

Safety Reminder:
Refer to Manufacturer's material safety data sheets, or contact the manufacturer for safety and health information pertaining to hazardous materials.


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