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Low VOC Non-Chromated BMS 5-42

Subject: Low-VOC, Non-Chromated BMS 5-42 Qualification

This page is designed to provide information on the qualification of a low-VOC, non-chromated adhesive bond primer to the BMS 5-42 specification.

BMS 5-42, Structural Adhesive for Metal-to-Metal Assemblies -- 350oF Cure, Revision T, 16-JUN-04
BMS 5-42 Qualified Products List, Revision A, 02-MAY-2002
BAC 5514-542, Structural Bonding Metal-to-Metal with BMS 5-42 Adhesives, Revision AA, 18-DEC-02

This does not supersede drawings or specification requirements. This information shall not be used for production, test, or acceptance processes.

In response to South Coast Air Quality Management District's Rule 1124, Boeing investigated the qualification of a low-VOC (<350 g/L as mixed), non-chromated primer to BMS 5-42, Structural Adhesive for Metal-to-Metal Assemblies -- 350oF Cure.

Boeing Materials Technology (BMT) qualified Aqualock 2000 (AL2000) and added this product to the BMS 5-42 Qualified Products List in January 2002. This product is manufactured by Sovereign Specialty Chemicals, SIA Adhesives, Inc.

There are several differences between the new low-VOC non-chromated BMS 5-42 primer, AL2000, and conventional adhesive bond primer.

Requirement Comparison between Low-VOC and Conventional BMS 5-42 Primer
Storage requirements: Compared to conventional primer, the new primer has a longer storage life, one year compared to six months.  It must be stored at 40oF instead of 0oF for the conventional primer.  Freezing ruins the water-base.
Primer preparation: The new primer is a water-based emulsion and shaking it prior to application is not required, but will instead cause frothing.
Application: The new primer requires a thickness of 0.1 to 0.4 mils, less than for conventional primers.
Cure: The new primer can be baked immediately after application, without a thirty-minute dry time.
Sprayed-out primer film: The color of the new primer is blue, while the conventional material is beige. The texture of the new primer is improved to the extent that the "cob webbing" phenomenon seen on other primers has been eliminated.
Cost savings: The cost per volume of AL2000 is comparable to conventional primers. Application of this new primer requires 80% less material, for a total net cost savings of approximately 80%.
Weight savings: The A2000 is a minor improvement over conventional primers.
Health: AL2000 eliminates foul odors in the factory.

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