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Manual TA-295 (Jan. 22, 2003 Revision)

Section IV: Forms and Certifications

Form AM0050, Guidelines on Writing Technical Descriptions of Merchandise

Form AM0051, Commercial Invoice Requirements for Imports into the United States

Form MD-0846-01, Supplier Component Property Control Surveillance Questionnaire

Form MD-1734, Property Accountability Document

Form MD-1959, Small Business and Small Disadvantaged Business Subcontract Plan Certificate of Compliance

Form MD-1962, Cost Accounting Standards

Form MD-1963, Cost Accounting Standards

Form MD-1975, Repair Support Agreement No. 1

Form MD-2043, Notice of Intent to Acquire Special Test Equipment

Form MD-2044, Special Test Equipment (STE) Completion Report

Form MD-2294, Special Tooling/Special Test-Equipment-Purchasing-Accountability Certification

Form MD-2294-01, Property Accountability Physical Inventory Certification

Form MD-2321, Noncommercial Technical Data Identification & Assertion

Form MD-2322, Noncommercial Computer Software Identification & Assertions

Form MD-2323, Technical Data/Computer Software Identification & Assertions

Form MD-7050, Contract Pricing Proposal Cover Sheet

Form MD-7064, Subcontractor's Certificate of Current Cost or Pricing Data

Form MD-7072, Royalty Information

Form MD-7073, Seller's Certification of Scrap and Disposal

Form MD-7074, Software License Agreement

Form MD-7075, Labor-Hour and Time-and-Material Special Terms and Conditions

Form MD-7076, Subcontractor Certificate of Procurement Integrity

Form MD-7077, Debarment, Suspension, and Proposed Debarment Certification

Form MD-7078, Cost or Pricing Data

Form MD-7079, Contract of Assurance for the Protection of Export Controlled Technical Data

Form MD-7128, Proprietary Information Agreement

Form MD-7159, Supplier Accountability Requests for Buyer/ Government Property

Form MD-7260, Annual Representation And Certification ***PRINT ONLY***

Form SP2, The Boeing Company Special Provisions Bailment Agreement

Form SP3, The Boeing Company General Provisions (GP)

Form X34947, Certification of Assurance for the Transfer of Defense Articles, Technical Data and/or Defense Services to Canada


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