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Military Transport Aircraft Suppliers and Materials Management - The Blue Book

Terms & Conditions


Manual TA-295 (Oct. 16, 2003 Revision)

Section III:Modifications to General Terms and Conditions

Form DAC 26-812

Form MD-1870-27

Form MD-1870-38

Form MD-1870

Form MD-1870-28

Form MD-1870-39

Form MD-1870-04

Form MD-1870-29

Form MD-1870-40

Form MD-1870-14

Form MD-1870-30

Form MD-1870-41

Form MD-1870-15

Form MD-1870-31

Form MD-1870-42

Form MD-1870-16

Form MD-1870-32

Form MD-1870-43

Form MD-1870-17

Form MD-1870-33

Form MD-1870-44

Form MD-1870-21

Form MD-1870-34

Form MD-1870-45

Form MD-1870-22

Form MD-1870-35

Form MD-1870-46

Form MD-1870-25

Form MD-1870-36

Form MD-1870-26

Form MD-1870-37


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