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Boeing Performance Excellence Award
The Boeing Performance Excellence Award is an annual program to recognize superior performance as measured in BEST. Boeing generally announces BPEA recipients each January. The BPEA program replaced Boeing’s Preferred Supplier Certification program.

BPEA Eligibility Criteria:

  • Gold or silver composite performance ratings for each month of the BPEA performance period (Oct. 1 to Sept. 30) with no suppressed BEST data
  • Annual contract payment value of at least $100,000
  • Minimum of 10 monthly deliveries or a General Performance Assessment rating
BPEA Rewards
  • Trophy suitable for lobby display
  • Recognition in Boeing internal and external publicity (supplier concurrence required)
  • Eligible for Boeing Supplier of the Year

Supplier of the Year
The BPEA figures into the selection of Boeing’s top honor, Supplier of the Year. Achieving BPEA status or demonstration of outstanding achievement is a prerequisite for Supplier of the Year. Boeing annually announces winning suppliers in up to 16 categories.

SoY Rewards
  • Award crystal suitable for lobby display
  • Recognized at SOY ceremony
  • Recognition in Boeing internal and external publicity (supplier concurrence required)

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