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Q069 Objective Evidence of Dimensional Inspection - rev 10/1/01
(a) Seller shall provide objective evidence with each shipment that all goods furnished under this purchase order/contract were dimensionally inspected for conformance with drawing and other purchase order/contract requirements. Objective evidence shall consist of records of actual readings taken during the inspection of each part, with the dimension and its tolerance noted.
(b) Seller shall identify the purchase order/contract number, part number, revision number, and when applicable, serial number on each inspection data sheet. Each inspection data sheet shall be signed by the Management Representative responsible for Seller's inspection activity, with the title of the individual whose signature appears on the inspection data sheet and the date of the signature.
(c) Evidence of Boeing's source inspection, when applicable, shall be indicated by Boeing's source inspection stamp, or signature, on Seller's dimensional record for each dimension verified.

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