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Q057 Inspection Control Point Outline (Mandatory Inspection Points) (MIPs) - rev 10/1/01
Special inspections, called MIPs, will be designated by The Boeing Company and the Government during the performance of this contract. Prior to the start of work, the contractor shall provide The Boeing Company's Quality Engineering a schedule / Inspection Control Point Outline (ICPO) which shows the work sequence(s) to be employed during the performance of this Purchase Order. The contractor's schedule/ICPO must indicate what types of contractor inspections will be performed and where in the contract's sequence of events they will be accomplished. If applicable, the schedule/ICPO must also indicate the specification(s) (including revisions) and/or other documentation that will be used to perform the indicated inspections. The Boeing Company and the Government will identify which inspections/tests/worksteps require The Boeing Company Quality Engineering/Government Quality Assurance witness. These inspections/tests and/or worksteps will be designated as MIPs. The contractor shall notify The Boeing Company's Quality Engineering at least five (5) working days prior to the occurrence of a scheduled, designated MIP. Designation of MIPs does not relieve the contractor of the obligation to perform all contractually required inspections.

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