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Government Source Inspection - rev 10/1/01


Work under this contract is subject to inspection and acceptance by United Space Alliance (USA) Procurement Quality Assurance Representatives prior to shipment of goods from Seller's facility. Upon receipt of this contract and prior to commencing work, Seller shall promptly notify the USA Procurement Quality Assurance Representative (PQAR) assigned to Seller's facility so that an appropriate inspection plan can be coordinated. Evidence of customer source inspection shall be provided on the shipper.


If a USA PQAR does not normally service Seller's facility, Seller shall immediately notify Buyer's Authorized Procurement Representative or the USA PQA office to obtain a point of contact.


Customer Source Inspection shall be conducted by the USA PQAR at Seller's facility or where designated in the contract. Seller shall notify the USA PQA office a minimum of five working days in advance of the time the goods are ready for inspection or test.


Seller shall make available to the USA PQAR all applicable drawings, specifications, procedures, statements of work, a copy of this contract, test software and changes thereto, related inspection and/or test equipment, and such other information as may be required to satisfactorily perform the inspections and tests required under this contract.


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