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Approved Processors - rev 10/1/01

If this purchase contract is for either (1) Boeing design items and the drawing identifies military specifications or Boeing processes, or (2) supplier design items for which Boeing establishes performance requirements by specification control document/drawing or source control document/drawing and that document/drawing identifies a Boeing process specification (BAC, BMS, BSS, etc.). Then the seller must be listed as an approved processor or shall use approved processors listed in D1-4426, "Boeing Approved Processors." A list of the approved processors is available from Boeing's authorized purchasing representative or at http://www.boeingsupplier.com/d14426/.

The packing sheet or attachments accompanying each shipment must reference the name of the D1-4426 listed processor(s) who accomplished the processing and the process(es) accomplished. Boeing approval of any processor shall not relieve seller or seller's obligation and liabilities under this contract.


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