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Weld Repairs of Castings - rev 7/16/01

This form shall be completed by seller for each casting requiring weld repair and together with the radiographs and photo(s) or sketch(s), shall accompany delivery to Buyer of the completed casting. The Weld Repair Log (WRL) No. shall be stamped on the casting per specification RF0004-044.

Attach a copy of this form to Weld Repair Log.



Part Number

Preweld H.T. Condition

Part Name

Postweld H.T. Condition

Supplier Name

Electrode Filler Material

Supplier Assigned S/N
(if applicable)

Lot Number


Welder Name/Stamp

Purchase Contract Number

Original X-Ray No.

Record method used to verify defect removal.

Visual // Record size of areas to be welded
Pent // Record size of areas to be welded
X-Ray // Record size of areas to be welded

Radiographic Record of weld repair
Film No. ident and view no's - Defective area(s)
Film No. ident and view no's - Ground out area(s)
Film No. ident and view no's - Welded area(s)

Sketch or photo of casting showing location of defect and method used to detect defects.

Completed WRL must be presented to Buyer's Radiographic Source Inspector when X-ray film is submitted for acceptance.

Supplier Q. A. Approval


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