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221. Quality Requirements for Delta Commercial (10/1/96).

(a) This part is common to parts utilized by the Delta-II and III (NASA and USAF) Programs and may be used interchangeably on Delta-II and III Programs. This part is to be produced to a "Single Standard Quality Control" per DSAM 8200, Part II, Paragraphs 9-1100 through 9-1104, set forth in full text below.

(1) Commercial Deltas are to be built identically to the standards of quality required by the USAF Delta-II, III prime contracts.

(2) All materials and supplies, not conforming to Delta-II and III prime contract requirements, are to be handled according to the Delta-II and III authorized nonconforming material procedures, and dispositions established by these procedures will be final and applicable to the entire lot under consideration.

(3) All procedures and operations pertaining to commonly handled supplies will be subject to the approval of the Government Quality Assurance Representative (QAR) responsible for Government Source Inspection.

(4) A copy of this contract will be provided to Buyer's Government QAR.

(5) This clause is to be included in all subtier subcontracts requiring GSI under the provisions of the Delta-II, III Programs.

(6) NOTE FOR GOVERNMENT QAR: Buyer's relevant Government contracts are all Delta-II, III contracts.

(In paragraph (b) of this clause, "contractor" shall mean Seller, and "CAO" shall mean the Government Contract Administration Office that services Seller's facility.)

(b) DSAM PART II - Paragraphs 9-1100 through 9-1104 - Full Text:



9-1100 Purpose

To establish general procedures and conditions under which single standard quality control systems may be employed at contractors' facilities having a mixture of commercial and Government product.

9-1101 Background

When a contractor is producing or furnishing similar types of supplies for both Government and commercial user, and it is clearly to the advantage of the Government, the QA element of the CAO and the contractor may agree to the use of a single standard quality control system. As the name implies, single standard quality control means that one system of control applies to both Government and commercial materials. Under this system, the contractor agrees to purchase and to manufacture military and commercial material to Government quality requirements.

9-1102 Procedures

The establishment of a single standard quality control system does not imply that all items produced must be subject to Government QA. During periods of production when material is unlikely to be shipped or stored for use on Government contracts, DoD inspection may be reduced or eliminated. Also, Government inspection at source on suborders will not be authorized on items intended for commercial use, unless such items are in the minority on an order and it is clearly to the advantage of the Government to have the entire order source inspected. Otherwise, it will be necessary to treat these items separately and prevent commingling commercial supplies with supplies which have been source inspected by the Government. Items and materials which do not require Government source inspection may be purchased without segregation except as may be required by the contract.

9-1103 Procedure for Approval

(A) A contractor desiring to operate under a single standard of quality control will direct his request to the Chief of the QA element of the CAO through the QAR. This element shall investigate, evaluate, and approve or disapprove the request. Such requests must be accompanied by the following:

(1) Information as to the quantity of commercial supplies being produced together with the amount of Government supplies, and the estimated duration of concurrent production.

(2) Written agreement of the contractor that:

(a) the standards of quality will be as required by the Government contract,

(b) all materials and supplies not conforming to contract requirements will be handled according to contractually authorized nonconforming material procedures and that disposition established by these procedures will be final and applicable to the entire lot under consideration,

(c) all procedures and operations pertaining to the commonly handled supplies will be subject to the disapproval of the QAR, and

(d) evidence that such a system will benefit the Government.

(B) If the Chief of the QA element of the CAO determines that a single standard system will be to the best interests of the Government, the request may be approved and the contractor informed in writing. An approved request shall include a statement which effectively notifies the contractor that the approval will not result in increased cost to the Government.

9-1104 Quality Assurance Under Single Standard System

Where a single standard system is established, Government QA requirements apply to the entire contractor's operations and all supplies produced thereunder. Where there is any change in the factors used in approving a single standard system which indicates that the contractor has failed to adhere to the agreement or that such system is no longer a benefit to the Government, the QAR shall so notify the CAO, and the contractor will be informed of the decision to cancel the approval. Prior to final cancellation, the contractor may be allowed a reasonable time to permit him to adjust to the required change in operations.

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