Doing Business with Boeing - Expendable Launch Systems Terms and Conditions Guide
The Boeing Company

212. Computer Programs (10/1/96).

(a) Buyer reserves the right to specify the manufacturer, model, configuration, operating system version, and mode of operation of computing equipment which is to be supplied by Buyer to compile, assemble, list, store, or run any computer programs delivered under this contract. Buyer may make such modifications to said programs as, in its sole judgment, are required to use the programs with either the specified equipment, associated equipment, or computing equipment other than that specified. Such modifications will in no way be construed as an acceptance or an invalidation of Seller's warranty of the unmodified program.

(b) Each computer program delivered by Seller under this contract will be accompanied by documentation, separate from program listings and comments, that will include, but not be limited to, a description of the operation of the program, its structure, inputs and outputs, its uses and modes of operation, the algorithms used in the program, and such additional information as is necessary to load, store, compile, assemble, understand, use, and modify the program.

(c) Buyer reserves the right to specify the medium, format, labeling, and partitioning of source and object codes and data to be delivered under this contract. All source and object decks, tapes, or other computer-readable items will be accompanied by listings.

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