Doing Business with Boeing - Expendable Launch Systems Terms and Conditions Guide
The Boeing Company

208. Technical Direction - (R&D) (10/1/96).

(a) The performance of the work hereunder will be subject to the technical direction of Buyer's Program Manager or his duly authorized representative. Technical direction as used herein is defined as a process by which the progress of Seller's technical efforts is reviewed, information on the various technical areas involved is exchanged, plans for future contract efforts are formulated, and, where it will better achieve Program objectives, Seller's technical effort is realigned or redirected. It includes technical direction at decision points on overall integration of a subsystem, design compromises among subsystems, definitions of interfaces, analysis of subsystems, and supervision of subsystem testing; all to the extent required to assure that subsystem concept and objectives are being met in an economical and timely manner. Seller agrees to accept technical direction herein unless a contract change is required [see paragraph (c) below].

(b) To the extent required and specified elsewhere in this contract, in the performance of this contract, Seller agrees to participate in meetings, provide technical information, and respond to requests for research and development planning data on all matters pertaining to this contract. Seller will also discuss with Buyer's Program Manager technical matters relating to this contract.

(c) Formalization of technical direction which involves a change in price, period of performance, scope of work, delivery, or any other provision of this contract will be issued in accordance with the terms of the Changes clause of this contract, and Buyer will not be liable for any adjustment in price, period of performance, or any other provision of this contract by reason of any direction issued unless such direction is issued in writing by Buyer's authorized purchasing representative pursuant to the Changes clause.

(d) Correspondence concerning technical matters pertaining to this contract will be directed to Buyer's authorized purchasing representative.

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