Doing Business with Boeing - Expendable Launch Defense Systems Terms and Conditions Guide
The Boeing Company

203. Configuration Management (10/1/96).

(a) Seller will maintain engineering, manufacturing, and quality controls such that the configuration of items scheduled for delivery under this contract conforms to the performance specifications defining the item and the configuration management requirements set forth in the following tasks.

(b) Seller will, at any time after contract award, secure the written consent of Buyer prior to making any change to the item, if one or more of the following is affected:

(1) The function, installation, or the physical or operational interchangeability of the item, reparable parts, and/or the spares support;

(2) Current applicable installation, operation, or other procedures with respect to the use thereof;

(3) Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification (e.g., Technical Standard Order);

(4) The specified requirements of performance, weight, safety, reliability, service life, and maintainability;

(5) Delivered items (rework, replacement, or maintenance);

(6) Qualification status.

(c) Seller will give written notice to Buyer using Seller's own change form, describing any proposed change as described in paragraph (b), in sufficient detail (including cost and schedule impact analysis) to enable an understanding by Buyer of the total impact of the change. Supplemental documentation (exhibits, sketches, drawings, draft retrofit information, etc.) will be included.

(d) Buyer will, within 30 days after the receipt of such change proposal, advise Seller of either its consent to, its rejection of, or the status of Buyer's consideration of such change. In no event will Seller proceed to incorporate such change into the items ordered by this contract prior to receipt of written consent from Buyer.

(e) A new Seller part number identification will be assigned to all items to be delivered to Buyer when approved changes are made to the item.

(f) Seller will have the right to make changes under this contract, without obligation to make such changes in any delivered items, without an increase in price, and without prior approval, if the change does not affect any of the factors outlined in paragraph (b). These changes will require Buyer's concurrence in classification.

(g) Seller will make revisions to and furnish all data (drawings, catalogs, technical manuals, etc.) submitted under this contract that are affected by the change.

(h) Changes requiring concurrence in classification will be submitted immediately to Buyer's authorized purchasing representative using Seller's own change form and revised data. These changes may be released at the same time for incorporation by Seller at Seller's facility. However, no changes will be incorporated in the item within 30 days prior to shipment to Buyer.

Note: All changes incorporated in the item prior to Buyer's concurrence are done so at Seller's risk (see paragraph (i)).

(i) After concurrence in classification review of Seller's revised data, Buyer reserves the right to reclassify the change and return to Seller for processing in accordance with paragraphs (b) through (e). Seller will be notified within 30 days after receipt if Buyer rejects the change classification. No response denotes Buyer's concurrence.

(j) Supplier Information Request (SIR) Form MD-0653 is incorporated herein by reference. This form will be used by Seller to submit inquiries and/or recommendations to Buyer, as required.

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