Doing Business with Boeing - Expendable Launch Defense Systems Terms and Conditions Guide
The Boeing Company

202. Configuration Management - PAM/Delta (10/1/96). These provisions apply to all qualified or qualifiable components ordered under this contract for delivery to Buyer or to Buyer's customers.

(a) Seller will maintain configuration control of the design and manufacture of the components ordered hereunder, including, but not limited to, formal initial identification of the configuration of the components and controlled internal approval and accountability of changes to drawings, procedures, and other control documents.

(b) Seller will give written notice to Buyer describing any proposed change to a component, including the effect of such proposed change, proposed by Seller to be implemented subsequent to the establishment of the baseline component configuration as defined by the Data List (SDID E006-8). Changes include those affecting form, fit, or function of the component, changes to Seller's drawings, procedures, and other control documents, changes involving a substitution of material, and changes in Buyer-approved manufacturing processes. Any such proposed change will be submitted to Buyer's authorized purchasing representative for processing and review by Buyer. The submittal must include an updated Data List (SDID E006-8) with appropriate revision letter.

(c) A Supplier Certificate of Conformance (MD 0021), identifying the applicable data list, must be included with each shipment.

(d) Seller will insert the substance of this clause in each lower-tier subcontract for functional components/parts.

(e) Noncompliance with the change notification requirement of this clause may result in subsequent rejection of delivered items.

(f) Seller will be responsible for all reasonable costs incurred by Buyer or Buyer's customers as a result of Seller's failure to comply with the provisions of this clause.

(g) Nothing contained in this clause will excuse Seller from performing in strict compliance with the terms, conditions, delivery schedule, specifications, or any other provision of this contract.

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