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Special Provisions

Form D1 4305 1500 (Rev. 2/96)
(Applicable only to the extent called out in the Purchase Contract)


  1. PATENT RIGHTS - ACQUISITION BY THE GOVERNMENT. The clause entitled "Patent Reports - Retention by the Contractor (Long Form)" set forth elsewhere in this contract is hereby deleted and FAR 52.227-13, "Patent Rights - Acquisition by The Government (Long Form)", is incorporated by reference. Seller agrees to make the disclosures and grant the rights to the U.S. Government as are required to be made and granted by the Contractor under this clause. Seller shall submit all reports required by this clause to the cognizant Government representatives.
  2. FILING OF PATENT APPLICATIONS. The clause set forth in FAR 52.227-10, "Filing of Patent Applications--Classified Subject Matter", is incorporated by reference.
  4. PATENT INDEMNITY. FAR 52.227-3, "Patent Indemnity", is incorporated by reference. "Government" and "Contracting Officer" shall mean Government and Buyer or Contracting Officer and Buyer.
  5. AUTHORIZATION AND CONSENT. The clause set forth in FAR 52.227-1, "Authorization and Consent", is incorporated by reference.
  6. AUTHORIZATION AND CONSENT. The clause set forth in FAR 52.227-1, Alternate I, "Authorization and Consent", is incorporated by reference.
  7. IMPROVEMENT/INVENTIONS/DISCOVERIES. Seller grants to Buyer, as Buyer's property, all intellectual property rights otherwise held by Seller in all improvements, inventions and discoveries, whether patentable, conceived or made by Seller's employees, either alone or with others, relating to any subject matter with which Seller's work for Buyer is or may be concerned, while such employees are assigned to perform services under this contract and whether such improvements, inventions or discoveries are conceived or made during regular working hours. Seller shall disclose directly to Buyer, or cause its employees to disclose promptly and in written detail, any improvements, inventions and discoveries and shall take any and all steps required to promptly vest title to such improvements, inventions and discoveries in Buyer.
  9. NEW TECHNOLOGY. NASA FAR Supplement 18-52.227-70, "New Technology" is incorporated by reference. "Contractor" shall mean Seller. FAR 52.227-12, "Patent Rights--Retention by the Contractor (Long Form)," is deleted from the General Provisions.

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