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Form D1 4305 1500 (Rev. 2/96)
(Applicable only to the extent called out in the Purchase Contract)


  1. DD FORM 254. This contract is subject to the security requirements prescribed in the DD Form 254. "Contract Security Classification Specification".
  2. CLASSIFIED MATERIAL. Subcontractors awarding second-tier subcontracts which involve classified material or the handling of classified information will prepare second-tier DD Forms 254 in accordance with the Industrial Security Manual and will forward the completed DD Forms 254 through the Boeing Materiel Organization issuing this contract for review and Government Contracting Officer approval. The Boeing Materiel Organization will obtain Government Contracting Officer approval and furnish copies of approved DD Forms 254 to the subcontractor.
  3. COMSEC SECURITY. When contract performance is required on a military installation, Seller shall, in addition to the requirements set forth in the DOD Industrial Security Manual (DOD Directive 5220.22M) and the Cryptograph Supplement to the DOD Industrial Security Manual (DOD Directive 5220.22S), comply with the written instructions of the installation commander regarding communications security (COMSEC) matters.
  4. SECURITY RELEASE OF PUBLICITY. Seller shall comply with Form DF 4400-518 (Orig. 9/74), "Department of Defense Public Information Security Guidance Number 16", which is incorporated by reference.
  5. SHARED-TIME COMPUTER FACILITIES. In the event that Seller intends to utilize computer facilities on a shared-time basis with any other facilities or to lease time on computer facilities other than those which he may possess in his own secure facility and it is intended by Seller to utilize such computer facilities for the processing, storing, or otherwise handling of classified material furnished by Buyer or generated under this contract, Seller must furnish Buyer with written authorization from their cognizant Government security office approving the utilization of designated computer facility on a shared time basis or approval of proposed leased computer facilities. These provisions shall also apply to computer facility arrangements between Seller and Buyer


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