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Special Provisions

Form D1 4305 1500 (Rev. 2/96)
(Applicable only to the extent called out in the Purchase Contract)


  • 1.-10.RESERVED

    1. CONTROL OF CHANGES. Seller agrees not to make any change in materials or design details which would affect the part or any component part thereof with regard to (a) part number identification, (b) physical or functional interchangeability, and (c) repair and overhaul procedures and processes and material changes which affect these procedures, without prior approval of Buyer, and without revising the part numbers and the originals of all drawings or data affected by the change. Copies of the revised drawings or data shall be forwarded to Buyer.

      Seller further agrees to insert this clause in all subcontracts for supplier identified purchased equipment whether such equipment is supplied to Seller as an end item or as a component part of an end item.

    3. PURCHASE CONTRACT COPIES. Seller shall provide a copy of this purchase contract to the Buyer's Quality representative serving their plant upon request of that representative.
    4. RAW MATERIAL TEST DATA SHEETS. Each shipment of items shall be accompanied by two (2) copies of the actual test data sheet for each part number, lot, batch, or heat as applicable. Test data sheets shall reference this purchase contract number, Buyer's and manufacturer's part number, including dash number and revision letter, nomenclature and applicable specification, and shall reflect the actual chemical and physical test results representative of the articles. Duplicate test data sheets shall be air mailed to Buyer at time of shipment.
    5. FUNCTIONAL ITEMS-TEST DATA SHEETS. Each shipment shall be accompanied by a copy of the test data sheet consisting of: title, manufacturer's name, and in upper right-hand corner the manufacturer's part number, serial numbers for items ordered to Boeing part numbers, purchase contract number, and the Boeing part number, when applicable. Test data displaying required test values, and actual test values attained shall be included when required. Duplicate test data sheets shall be air mailed to Buyer at time of shipment.

    16.-23. RESERVED

    1. GOVERNMENT SOURCE INSPECTION. Government inspection is required prior to shipment from your plant. Upon receipt of this contract, promptly notify and furnish a copy to the Government representative normally servicing your plant so that Government inspection can be appropriately planned. If a Government representative does not service your plant, contact the nearest District Administration Services Office (DCASO). If you cannot locate the DCASO, notify Buyer immediately.
    2. GOVERNMENT INSPECTION. During performance on this contract, your quality control or inspection system and manufacturing processes are subject to review, verification, and analysis by authorized Government Representatives. Government inspection or release of product prior to shipment is not required, unless you are otherwise notified. A copy of this contract will be furnished to your Government representative upon request.
    3. MATERIAL CERTIFICATION. Certification stating materials, processes (including applicable inspection processes) and finished items were controlled and tested in accordance with requirements of this contract and applicable specifications and that such records are on file (or that the material used was supplied by Buyer) shall be included with the packing sheet for each shipment. Duplicate copy shall be airmailed to Buyer at time of shipment.
    5. BUYER INSPECTION. All work under this contract is subject to Buyer inspection and acceptance at source either on a random or 100% basis and at all times (including the period of performance) and places, and in any event, prior to shipment. Upon receipt of this contract, promptly notify Buyer's QA Representative normally servicing your plant and furnish him a copy of the contract so his inspections can be appropriately planned. Contact the Buyer's Quality Control representative 48 hours in advance of the time articles or processes will be ready for Buyer's inspection.
    6. BUYER SURVEILLANCE. Work under this contract is subject to Buyer surveillance at Seller's plant. Buyer's Quality Control representative may elect to conduct inspection either on a random basis or to the extent of 100% inspection. Seller will be notified if Buyer inspection is to be conducted on specific shipments. No shipments are to be held for Buyer inspection unless notification is received prior to, or at time of, material being ready for shipment.
    7. CORRECTIVE ACTION. Seller shall, on request, on forms designated by Buyer, provide statements of corrective action on failures of Seller's hardware. Corrective action statements, at Buyer's option, may require approval signature by Buyer and Government Quality representatives. All rejected articles resubmitted by Seller to Buyer shall bear adequate identification including reference to Buyer's rejection document.

    31.-33. RESERVED.

    1. CABLE INSPECTION. Both ends of cable on each reel must be exposed for inspection purposes.
    2. PART TRACEABILITY. All electrical/electronic parts shall be traceable to a unique lot. A lot of devices shall consist of a single type, defined by a single part number and lot or date code, produced in a common production run by means of the same production processes, materials, control design and test, and within the same period not exceeding six (6) weeks through final assembly and test.

    36.-37. RESERVED

    1. ACCEPTANCE TEST. Groups A and B acceptance tests are required for Buyer Standard BAC 3100 item numbers. Groups A and B tests are to be completed in accordance with Buyer Document D2 5415, "Specification for Ground Support Electrical Cable". One copy of test report must accompany each shipment and three copies airmailed to Buyer.

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