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Is First Article Inspection (FAI) a new activity for suppliers?

FAI does not represent a new activity for suppliers who already have AS9100/EN9100 compliant quality systems. The requirement for Production Process Verification, often referred to FAI, already exists in AS9100/EN9100. Section of AS9100/EN9100 states:

" Production Process Verification The organization shall use a representative item from the first production run of a new part or assembly to verify that the production processes, production documentation and tooling are capable of producing parts and assemblies that meet requirements. This process shall be repeated when changes occur that invalidate the original results (e.g., engineering changes, manufacturing process changes, tooling changes). NOTE: This activity is often referred to as first article inspection."

Additionally, AS9102 clarifies this AS9100/EN9100 requirement and standardizes its implementation across the industry.

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Why does Boeing impose AS9102 for First Article Inspection (FAI)?

The key benefits from AS9102 are that it clearly answers the many questions revolving around the conduct of FAI.

  1. WHEN -- AS9102 (Sections 5.1 & 5.3) clearly and definitively specifies when an FAI, or a partial/re-accomplishment FAI, must be conducted.
  2. WHAT -- AS9102 (Section 5.1 & 5.2) describes what component of the end item must be included in the FAI and what inspections/verifications must be conducted on those components and their associated processes.
  3. HOW -- AS9102 (Section 5.5) specifies how the FAI must be documented.
Note: Boeing allows the use of equivalent FAI forms in lieu of those specified within AS9102, however they must contain information equivalent to the AS9102 forms.
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How is the AS9102 requirement imposed?
The actual AS9102 requirement will be imposed as quality terms and conditions added to the purchase document. All current purchase documents from Boeing that require FAI stipulate AS9102 as the standard. New products designed and built under these contracts must have an FAI record that conforms to AS9102.
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What about existing products already in production for Boeing?
Some Boeing Divisions may issue contracts that impose the AS9102 requirement for existing products. In that case, the following rules will apply:
  • FAI records for existing products DO NOT need to be updated to comply with AS9102 standards.
  • A Delta FAI must be conducted for any changes to parts or processes covered by AS9102 guidelines (see Section 5.2 of AS9102).
  • The Delta FAI record must meet the AS9102 standards.
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When Boeing First Article Inspection (BFAI) is required in conjunction with a FAI, what supporting documentation is to be provided?
When required by purchase documentation, and deemed necessary by Boeing, a Boeing representative will perform BFAI. In order to support this activity, the following documentation shall be made available for review:
  1. Applicable purchase document, material/process certifications, manufacturing and inspection records; including inspection plans developed to identify progressive inspection checkpoints for the FAI as a result of coordination and planning with Boeing’s representative
  2. Applicable design data.
  3. Applicable documented configuration baseline and configuration summary.
  4. Applicable material review actions.
  5. Applicable acceptance and qualification test results.
  6. Applicable record(s) of Boeing approval for non-Boeing drawing and test procedures.
  7. Seller’s First Article Inspection Report (FAIR), as defined by AS9102.
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